Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions

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Public Exhibitions

Monday, Mar 06, 2017 - 12:00 AM - Friday, Mar 31, 2017 - 12:00 AM

The Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the final Thesis Exhibitions for our 2017 Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidates.
These final Thesis Exhibitions will be presented in three parts (schedule below). Each candidate's installation will convey the research that they have undertaken over the course of their two-year program. 
A formal thesis defense will be conducted in the presence of each student's artwork. Please note that the respective galleries will be closed to the public during the defenses. Those interested in attending a defense are invited to RSVP to


Exhibition Dates: MARCH 6–10  /  MARCH 13–17  /  MARCH 24–31

Exhibition Locations:

  1. Concourse Gallery
  2. Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery (Room 237 North Building)
  3. PLAZA Projects (Aberdeen Square, #2370—4000 No.3 Road & Cambie St., Richmond, BC / Hours of operation: 1—5pm) 

MARCH 6—10 / Opening March 9, 6-9pm

Brittany Nickerson  /  Concourse Gallery

Memory Trace

Thesis Defense: Monday March 6th, 2pm

Justin Muir  /  Concourse Gallery

Curator as Artist as Curator: An Unstable Sense of Self

Thesis Defense: Tuesday March 7th, 2pm

Benjamin Siegl  /  Concourse Gallery

Light Camera Actions

Thesis Defense: Wednesday March 8th, 10am


Heejon Choi  /  Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery


Thesis Defense: Thursday March 9, 10am


Heather Kai Smith /  Concourse Gallery 

Drawing as Practice: The Past as Potential

Thesis Defense: Friday March 10th, 10am


MARCH 13—17 / Opening March 16, 6-9pm

Sara Shafran  /  Concourse Gallery

Between Hello Kitty and the Holocaust

Thesis Defense: Monday March 13th, 2pm


Gabriela Godoi /  Concourse Gallery

Moist, Mucus, Membrane: An Insight on Painting, Objects and Identity 

Thesis Defense: Tuesday March 14th, 2pm


Juliana Silva  /  Concourse Gallery

Living organisms for living spaces

Thesis Defense: Wednesday March 15th, 10:00am


Scott Mallory  /  Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery

Physics at the Limits

Thesis Defense: Wednesday March 15th, 2:00pm

MARCH 24—31 / Opening March 24, 6-9pm 

Feng Xingyue + Liu Yuan  /  PLAZA Projects, Aberdeen Square

The Divorce

Thesis Defense: Friday March 24th, 3:30pm