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  • Animation

    Pursue new opportunities in a fast-growing industry

    Each course helps you build the creative, technical and collaborative skills you need to forge a successful career.

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  • Game Dev

    Build skills for a thriving career

    We worked with industry leaders to uncover the skills needed to thrive in the game dev industry today—then crafted courses to meet those demands.

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  • Visual FX

    Gain hands-on experience from industry pros

    Walk away feeling confident and empowered to use Maya, Houdini, Blender, Unity and more.

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Add new skills to your toolkit

Micro-credentials are short-term courses and programs designed to help you develop focused, job-ready skills. Our Creative Tech micro-credential courses provide skills training in high-demand areas of work to support your job goals.

What our students are saying
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I managed to work through some the anxiety I have around my work (getting started, feeling limited by my technical skills). Through discussion and exposure to the techniques we covered in the course, I feel my work is freer and more representative of me.

ECU Continuing Studies student

I felt like the information provided was very real and industry based. It gave me a clear insight on how companies run and how I would fit into that system.

ECU Continuing Studies student

Taking Continuing Studies courses online has changed my life, and my art. I’ve enjoyed each course I’ve taken and I can’t wait to take more in the future.

ECU Continuing Studies student

Really opened my mind to seeing art and experiencing the world around me differently. I especially enjoyed now being able to visualize and draw what I experience with the senses.

ECU Continuing Studies student

New perspectives on art practice allowing more freedom in exploration and broader understanding of connections between theories, life, and the art.

ECU Continuing Studies student

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