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Software Essentials

Who is this for?
Designed for beginners and diverse learners, these introductory courses feature small class sizes. Gain practical knowledge of the most powerful and popular software used in the Creative Technology industry.

What can I do after?
With a solid foundation in software essentials, apply your new skills towards animated films, visual effects, and video games. Our other Creative Technology courses are the perfect next step to bring your creative visions to life.

How to start
A stylized list of different software programs you can learn in Software Essentials: Maya, Unity, Adobe Creative Suite, 3DS Max, Blender and Houdini


Who is this for?
Elevate your interest in animation and take your skills to the next level. Whether you're a self-taught enthusiast or have minimal experience in the field, we'll guide you through the journey of becoming a skilled animator.

What can I do after?
With new technical skills, you’ll be ready to showcase your creativity with a compelling portfolio. Whether you strive to work in the film and TV, advertising, or video game industries, you’ll be able to showcase your abilities with confidence.

How to start
A stylized list of things you can learn in Animation: 3D Modelling, Structural Drawings, Learn Maya, Texture Maps, Design Thinking, Character Rigging

Game Dev

Who is this for?
If you’ve been experimenting with game design and coding, our courses give you the expert industry insights to kick-start a career pivot. Beginner and intermediate learners can hone their skills through courses up-to-date with industry standards.

What can I do after?
You'll be ready to build a portfolio that highlights your technical prowess and creative abilities. Take the next step towards a rewarding career developing indie games, working in a game studio, or even starting your own venture.

How to start
A stylized list of things you can learn in Game Dev: Game Strategy, Design Evaluations, How to Pitch, UI Tools in Unity

Visual FX

Who is this for?
Elevate your interest in VFX to the next level with industry insights and expertise. If you’re looking to refine your existing skills, these courses will help you start breaking into the VFX industry.

What can I do after?
You’ll have the technical skills and vision to create a portfolio for your work. Get ready to pursue a fulfilling career working on blockbuster films, creating mind-bending effects for advertisements, or contribute to the world of animation.

How to start
A stylized list of things you can learn in Visual FX: VFX Pre-production, Learn Houdini, Colour Correction, Adobe After Effects, Visual Storytelling

Experience Design

Who is this for?
Whether you’re an aspiring innovator or a creative professional, Experience Design opens up a world of opportunities. Learn to craft immersive, captivating experiences that bridge technology and user engagement. You’ll gain valuable skills to bring your creative ideas to life.

What can I do after?
With confidence using user-centric principles and the latest technology, you’ll embark on an exciting new career path. Whether you want to work in animation, game development or graphic design, you’ll set your work apart in a competitive industry.

How to start
A stylized list of things you can learn in Experience Design: Design Thinking, UI Design, Prototyping, Accessibility, Human Centered Design, UX Design

Leadership and Collaboration

Who is this for?
Looking to make the jump from contributor to team leader? Our courses help identify your leadership potential, move up in your organization, and start leading your own teams or projects.

What can I do after?
Get ready to excel as a leader. Thanks to skills like effective communication, strategic thinking, and team management, you can use your leadership potential to make a significant impact in your organization.

How to start
A stylized list of things you can learn in Leadership and Collaboration: Applying for Grants, Project Management, Representation + Inclusion, Business Planning, Interview Preparation, Portfolio Websites

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