Strategic Planning at ECU

As a learning institution with an expanding and diverse community, we know that creating our future together involves ongoing reflection, study, and visioning. Strategic Planning is about shaping our institution to reflect what's important to us while examining where we have been and where we want to go. It helps us create a common language as an institution when considering our shared priorities and helps us work together to advance the quality of our education, research, creative practice, and contributions to the broader community.

A strategic plan builds on our nearly 100 years of history, our commitment to reconciliation and equity, diversity, and inclusion, and our position as Canada's top-ranked university for art and design. It’s rooted in specific targets and goals, which will enable us to evaluate our progress and accomplishments over time.

Who is Involved?

A call for expressions of interest to join the Strategic Planning Advisory Group was circulated in early January to bring together a team of people with a range of skills, diverse perspectives, and passion for ideas to catalyze growth at ECU. We thank everyone who sent in such thoughtful submissions to join this advisory group.

The advisory group will be responsible for guiding the planning process and facilitating engagement over the next year so that everyone can share their feedback to shape ECU’s future.

The advisory group has now been staffed, and three initial meetings have occurred thus far. We have also retained the services of Vantage Point, a local non-profit organization that provides support and feedback throughout the strategic planning process.

Learn more about the advisory group here.

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