Our Advisory Group

Over the next 12-18 months, this group will facilitate an inclusive strategic planning process and community engagement that will focus on exploring ECU’s unique position as a public art and design university.

Advisors represent the interconnected areas of the university that enable ECU’s main activities of teaching, learning, creative practice and research within and beyond classroom/studio walls.

Advisory group members will participate in monthly meetings and contribute to at least one of several project teams. For staff and regular faculty, these meetings occur during normal business hours. Students and non-regular faculty will also receive a $1,000 honorarium to recognize their time and contributions.

The group has met three times since April for engagement and training sessions with Vantage Point to familiarize themselves with approaches and methods to strategic planning, engagement strategies, guiding principles, and logistics.

This summer, the group will form smaller project teams. Each team will be assigned to lead various aspects of the plan, including research, information-gathering, writing and storytelling.

Read more about the participants below:

We are pleased to have staffed a robust advisory group with representation from across the university.

Our Co-Chairs
Our Advisory Group Members
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