Lounge-Based Innovation

by Living Labs

Graduation year: 2016

What is Lounge-Based Innovation?

In partnership with Vancouver-based startup wantoo, Living Labs is using creative research methodologies to explore, test and document the concept of Lounge-Based Innovation.

Our students are foundational members of a research team, working with stakeholders from the startup community, as well as artists, architects and designers. Students with strong technical and creative vision are helping to shape a series of iterative, hands-on investigations that creatively consider the social and spatial forms of the lounge and what that might mean for the future of work.

Scott Wilson, Research Assistant, is a designer and educator holding a Bachelor of Interior Design from the Wilson School of Design at KPU. He is a Master of Design candidate at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. His training and expertise are in interiors; however, Scott has a larger interest in all facets of design: architecture, product design, graphics, wayfinding and art. Scott uses a human-centered approach to understand user needs, synthesis insights and to create connected platforms. He has dedicated his emerging career to creating artifacts and spaces that are regionally relevant and responsive to client ambitions, underscored by the timelessness of quiet and elegant restraint in form and materials.

See Scott's research on the Lounge-Based Innovation blog.

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