Stay Safe

by Health Design Lab

Graduation year: 2012

In September 2012, Emily Carr collaborated with Vancouver Coastal Health in investigating the problem space of caregiving for resident patients.

Residential Care Assistants are responsible for patient care; bathing, toileting and other personal hygiene tasks, as well as moving patients. Ceiling lifts are in place to facilitate this process, however they are sometimes not used, or used incorrectly, resulting in many workplace injuries. By looking at this as a behavioural challenge, design students Lan Yan, Craig Fleisch and Daisy Aylott, under the faculty supervision of Deb Shackleton and Jonathan Aitken, used secondary research sources as well as conducting primary, participatory design methodologies with RCAs from the Vancouver area. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the frequency of lift use to improve health and safety, reduce the cost of injuries resulting from patient turning and repositioning and help foster a trusting and comfortable RCA-patient relationship. The project is ongoing and final results will be posted in May 2013.

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stay safe

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