The Leeway

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The Leeway is a social and professional networking and career site where students and alumni can interact with through mentorship and collaboration.

You can also view jobs and opportunities on the Artswork jobboard, find career and practice related resources, watch previously recorded panels and career presentations, and more.

Through the Leeway, students can also connect to alumni to seek guidance for their futures as well as:

  • Gain insight into industry related questions
  • Request introductions to connections
  • Seek feedback on their work
  • Find a long or short term mentor
  • Engage in critique groups
  • Promote their events
  • Discover artists willing to collaborate

Students can sign up at any time in their journey from foundation to convocation. Alumni are encouraged to join to connect with their peers and help out a student.

What are you waiting for? Join today and introduce yourself!

The Leeway is fully supported by RBC.