Expanding Universe | Science World

Zero Gravity02

ECU off-campus

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 - Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

Currently on display at Science World, Expanding Universe is an interactive installation by Woonam Kim, associate professor of 3D Computer Animation in the Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, and a group of Emily Carr alumni: Yoojin Rhee, Chrissy Wang, Chanthi Vijayapala, Lauren Bourgeoism, and Jason Jaw.

Expanding Universe uses visual imagery and augmented reality technology to explore various facets and theories of space and matter through artistic reflection. The result is a series of educational art work that uses 3D computer animation and augmented reality to inspire children (and the young at heart) to ask questions and learn about the universe, science, technology, and art. 

Check out Science World's blog post to learn more about the artistic process of Expanding Universe: