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Saturday, Sep 15, 2018 - Thursday, Sep 27, 2018

The Faculties of Art, Design + Dynamic Media, and Culture + Community, as well as the Aboriginal Gathering Place present Intertwined, a group exhibition exploring the myriad ways in which textiles and fibres have come to play a prominent role in shaping contemporary artistic practice in the University community. Presented in conjunction with the Textile Society of America symposium taking place in Vancouver this September, the exhibition highlights the growing presence of textile concepts, methods, and materials intertwined across program areas at the University. Intertwined features work by 57 ECU students, faculty, staff and recent alumni.

More and more, artists and designers at ECU are embracing the historical, political, and conceptual dimensions of working with textiles and fibre media to produce exciting work in sculpture and installation, garment production, smart design, print, tapestry, painting, furniture, photography, sound, and video. 

Woven, stitched, dyed, stretched, collected or deconstructed, the interdisciplinary works on view in Intertwined draw from diverse textile traditions and touch on a range of thematic concerns including identity, cultural heritage, gender, time, interactivity and social space, the environment, domesticity, ritual, ornamentation and language. 

Textile practices are indeed thriving at ECU; Intertwined reflects a new wave of students, faculty, staff, and recent alumni exploring the countless possibilities of working with textiles and fibres in contemporary art and design.

Curated by:

  • Kate Giles
  • Emily Hermant
  • Chelsea Yuill
  • Jen Hiebert
  • Brenda Crabtree
  • Helene Day Fraser
  • Ruth Beer