External Event Booking Form

Thank you for considering ECU for your event!

Please note that the university strictly adheres to the guidelines and restrictions set out by the PHO.

All participants must conduct self-assessments before entering the premises. 

If you are considering alcohol service at your event, please be sure to read the Alcohol on Campus guidelines before you begin filling out the form.


Presenter's Name Estimated Start Time Presentation Format Are there files or links embedded in the presentation? Will the presenter require an AV tech to control their slides and cue video/links? Will they use ECU's computer (Mac Mini) or their own computer? If using their own, list the computer's brand, model and year Will they use other personal hardware? If they will use personal hardware, please indicate (tablet, audio interface, etc) Preferred microphone? Will they be using a clicker to advance slides?
Title of panel Estimated start time of panel Panelist name Preferred Mic Choice
(i.e: 2 microphone table stands, 4 mic stands, 3 lapel mics, etc.)
(i.e: Stage lights off during presentations, stage lights on during panels, lower house lights during screening, etc.) If there are none, then please leave this section blank.
And if so, would they require a line out from our sound system?

Please note that our team will not support or be technically responsible for any late submitted content files. This will be the responsibility of the event organizers or the presenters.

Although we allow outside hardware and other A/V related equipment at our events, please note that our technical staff will not support any non-Emily Carr technical equipment.