Here, there, and everywhere! Emily Carr U: 1925-2015


By Karin Watson

Posted on October 01, 2015 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:05AM

Trip across nine decades of Emily Carr history -- in academic calendars and photos!

Enjoy a celebratory walk through 90 years of our history, compliments of our Library, and Librarian Danuta Zwierciadlowski

As the Electronic Resources + Journals Librarian, Danuta's assembly of visual items inspired this digital journey that marks today's milestone and our schedule of community celebrations in honour of our 90th anniversary.

In addition to the following images, the Library's recent and monumental project to preserve our history through the creation of a digital archive of all our academic calendars, from 1925 to present day, adds annual viewbooks to your visual tour for a compelling and comprehensive look back. Visit the Library to enjoy all of our digital archives that include a repository of our Academic Calendars and even more archival materials documenting our institution's history and evolution, as well as our contribution to the local and global art, design and cultural scenes since our inception.

1925 - 1935

Browse the 1925/26 Viewbook

This photo was published in a newspaper with the following information which, although missing a few words, is that much more interesting. Recognize any names? We'd like to hear from you.

"These ten young women were the prize winners at the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts. From left to Right, they are: Front row – Miss Irene Hoffer, Miss Laura Wil-______, Miss Ione Macdonald. Back row – Miss Sybil Hill, Miss Ada Currie, Miss Betty Weston, Miss Vera Weatherbie, Miss _______ Sharp, Miss Lilias Farley and Miss Frances Gatewood. Their work, along with that of other students, is on exhibition daily from 10 am to 9 pm, in the School Board Building this week."

Although the date and name of the newspaper are unknown, several of these women are listed as graduating in 1929.​
"First Class" - for book lovers - written about three of the women pictured above


Browse the 1935/36 Viewbook

In this image, the Vancouver School of Art Graduating Class of 1938 stands on the steps of the school. Charles H. Scott, after whom the Gallery at our Granville Island Campus is named, stands in the centre.

Charles Hepburn Scott, First Principal of the Vancouver School of Art


Browse the 1945/46 Viewbook

In this image from the 1940's, students sharpen their drawing practice. Drawing is a program area of study, practice, and inquiry that is integral to many other disciplines at Emily Carr and our undergraduate degrees encourage the acquisition and exploration of drawing as a core skill.


Browse the 1954/55 Viewbook

In the 1950's, a photo from our classrooms, taken by the Visual Education Department of the Vancouver School Board (dated Feb 24, 1954), shows students in the classroom, life drawing. Of interest, a prize-winning documentary film-maker and graduate of Emily Carr was recently overheard in a yoga class saying that while she trained in Massage Therapy prior to pursuing Film, Video + Integrated Media at Emily Carr, the knowledge she gained through rigorous training in anatomical drawing during her degree in visual arts gave her equally, if not more, knowledge and understanding of the human body's anatomy.



Browse the 1964/65 Viewbook

The female student at the left is identified as Irene Whittome who studied at our school during the '60's as did Odette Venuti about whom we wrote an article in our university newsletter. Learn about Odette's experiences at our school during this timeframe, as well as her current art practice, in that article on our CONNECT archives.



Browse the 1977/78 Viewbook

Fashionable students in the 1970's assist their instructor, Ian Wallace, with his slide collection, new media in those days. Last year we were fortunate to host Ian Wallace at our Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend, THE COMEBACK. Enjoy a recording of the evening's speakers below!


The Talkback: Alumni Share Their Ideas & Stories, Sept 26, 2014


Browse our 1985/86 Viewbook

Many in our community will remember the Concourse Gallery as it was prior to renovations in the1980s. This image is taken facing the front doors of our North Building. In its original condition, this photo shows the space before any renovations -- notice the ceiling beams, the open balcony walkway, and the open concept Facilities office, as well as the parquet and tile flooring.

Compare this image with today's Concourse Gallery featured further below.



Browse the 1995/96 Viewbook

In this image are design students with their instructor Tom Becher in the early 2000's. Tom is now a Professor Emeritus at Emily Carr.


Tom Becher, Professor Emeritus, Emily Carr University


Browse the 2007/8 Viewbook

This is a library book sale in the renovated Concourse Gallery on November 20, 2002. A mix of students, staff and faculty find treasures -- notice that the Reception Desk has not been closed in yet.


Guiding Our Transformation through 2015 and beyond

Browse our current viewbooks

2015/16 Undergraduate | 2015/16 Graduate Studies | 2015 Fall Continuing Studies

On April 24th, 2015, President + Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ron Burnett made Emily Carr University's groundbreaking for the new campus at Great Northern Way official. A media event was held at the site where student-designed shovels broke ground in order for construction to begin, each shovel carrying a symbolic representation of our university's major areas of focus and their significance within our culture and ongoing dialogue.

In an interview, Dr. Burnett answered the question: What is your ideal school? What's the university of the future?

The university of the future -- the best way to think about it is a place largely defined by conversation.

Conversation is not limited to formalities of the classroom, or the formalities of lectures ? but conversation that has a narrative built into it. Emily Carr has a core narrative that structures our conversations around creativity and provokes us to have substantive links between what we do and the communities we serve. Our strength comes from our connections to so many different constituencies.

The structure of the university has to be permeable to allow for community, industry, education to mingle and learn from each other. Right now, we are doing a lot of that, but it's still very difficult because that permeability is hard to manage, as well as generate and sustain. So things have to be much more open and the accountability factor has to be defined by goals that are not just related to outcomes, but are also about quality and richness of experience. read more


Interested in seeing the work?

For an extra-inspiring retrospective, check out our student publications also available in the Library

Our student publications are available in the library, including today's own WOO publication, published twice a year which you can see on ISSUU. Learn about when it's published and by whom on the website.

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