MOVING forward, LOOKING back


By Roxanne Toronto

Posted on October 27, 2015 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:05AM

Celebrating 25 years of Emily Carr alumni exhibitions at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

As part of our 90th anniversary celebrations, we're pleased to present MOVING forward LOOKING back, a group exhibition celebrating 25 years of gallery programming at the Emily Carr Alumni Gallery at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The 47 featured artists’ works spans decades and represent the many ways in which our alumni community contributes to and influences art, design and media around the world.

Patrons of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre can view the exhibition through December 31, 2015. Curated by Connie Sabo + Samantha Burnet.


Miriam Aroeste
Sonny Assu
Ellen Bang
Judson Beaumont
Jeremiah Birnbaum
Justine Brooks
Rosemary Burden
Chris Catalano
Tony Yin Tak Chu
David Coates
Patrick Cruz
Christopher Donnelly
Galen Felde
Richard Forbes
Polly Gibson
Francisco-Fernando Granados
Sarinah Haba
Zoe Hodgson
Alison Keenan
Suzy Kim
Pierre Leichner
Sean Mills
Wendy Niamath
Talent Pun
Propeller Design
Robin Ripley
Rod Roodenburg
Phyllis Schwartz
Lorna Schwenk
Judy D. Shane
Nicola Swaine
Fiona Tang
Elizabeth Topham
Sande Waters
Kathryn Gibson
Mia Weinberg
Corrinne Wolcoski
Sylvia Wong
Carlyn Yandle
Chin Yuen

Chris Allen
Carolina Becerra
Nadia Chiu
Kat Cortes
Nicolas Lypowy
Talen Pun
David Coates
Rod Roodenburg
Jeff Hamada
Alex Nelson
Grace Partridge
Isabelle Swiderski