Alumni Donors | Wendy Niamath

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By Eva Bouchard

Posted on April 11, 2017 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:06AM

Alumna includes students in her future plans.

Alumna Wendy Niamath has been a passionate proponent and active participant in the Emily Carr University community for her entire­­ adult life. She first attended Emily Carr at 16 in the Summer Institute for Teens and graduated from the Animation program in 2001. But graduation was just the beginning. While establishing a successful career as a commercial photographer, she also became the Alumni Association President, an alumni ambassador at recruitment events throughout North America, and continues to volunteer and support alumni and fundraising initiatives.

Given her long association with Emily Carr, it wasn’t unexpected that her next step was to make a more permanent commitment to the University by including Emily Carr in her estate plans. Wendy explains, “Attending Emily Carr was the biggest and most favourable influence in my life. I have been positively affected artistically, intellectually, financially and creatively. It is my wish that the students who benefit from my contribution glean as much, or more, than I.”

Wendy is also generous in sharing that attending Emily Carr inspired a lifelong passion. “My mind was opened to new ideas, and my inquisitive nature accelerated exponentially. The instructors, the support staff, the diversity and creativity, the camaraderie, the challenges, the intense workload, and the encouragement to be independent and a free thinker. These have been my greatest influences and continue to keep me involved with Emily Carr.”