Sessional Faculty Elvira Hufschmid Awarded 3-Year Fellowship at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts & Sciences

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Posted on December 01, 2017 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:06AM

Elvira's fellowship is in conjunction with the Leaning Out Of Windows project initiated by ECU co-investigators Ingrid Koenig and Dr. Randy Lee Cutler.

Sessional faculty member Elvira Hufschmid has been awarded a 3-year fellowship/research associate status at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts & Sciences (BAS) at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany, with the SSHRC funded project Leaning Out of Windows – Art & Physics Collaborations through Aesthetic Transformations.

This multifaceted research project, initiated by ECU Associate Professors Ingrid Koenig and Dr. Randy Lee Cutler, (co-investigators), and Elvira Hufschmid and Dr. Margit Schild, (collaborators), brings international scholars and researchers from major particle physics laboratories (TRIUMF, Fermilab) into a conversation with an international team of contemporary artists. It focuses on the application of the interdisciplinary methodology of "Aesthetic Transformation" to investigate current topics in particle physics, as well as to develop a shared understanding of how knowledge can be translated across the disciplinary communities.