Third Year Student Andrew James McKay Lands Solo Exhibtion at Masters Gallery

Posted on July 17, 2017 | Emily Carr Stories

Artist in attendance Saturday, August 12th, 2 - 4pm

Masters Gallery is pleased to present Andrew James McKay’s solo exhibition, Agnosia, August 10 - 26th, 2017.

Agnosia, a series of still life works, is an attempt to discern the specific character of the objects we surround ourselves with and find ourselves surrounded by. Agnosia, as a term, is the inability or failure to interpret what should be otherwise apparent and easily understood. This is not owing to a failure of the senses, but is rather a failure to interpret the produce of those senses. Isn’t this so much to do with the marginalia of our lives—what exists on the periphery—those factors which operate in the background but which possess such influence? The present exhibition is an attempt, as much as is possible at least, to determine how the objects in our lives may become charged with and sublimated by varied personal meanings; the degree to which our objects circumscribe our ways of thinking; and how our material successes, through objects, may in fact come to place even further limits on our interpersonal relationships.

Andrew James McKay