Alumnus Andrew Lindsay’s Work in Creative Technology Wins Top Industry Awards

By Guest Entry

Posted on April 12, 2018 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:06AM

Alumnus Andrew Lindsay, Vice President of Creative Technology at Conversant, has led his team to develop innovative tools and technologies, earning Conversant top honors in digital media industry awards.

Congratulations to Andrew Lindsay (2004), Vice President of Creative Technology at digital media company Conversant, for his award-winning work in creative technology, front-end development, and design. Leveraging expertise in Creative Technology, Digital Production and UX/UI, Andrew and his team have developed several innovative tools and technologies that automate aspects of the creative process, while making ad development and deployment faster and more efficient – enabling one-to-one personalized digital advertising in real-time. These tools and technologies have recently earned Conversant top honors at the 2017 DMA Innovation Awards, the 2017 DMN Awards, and the 2016 DMA Innovation Awards.

About the Tools:

Built on software every designer, art director, and production artist already uses, Grasshopper is a tool that automates the design and development of entire digital ad campaigns in seconds. It translates design assets into fully-formatted, interactive ad units – regardless of size or format – simply by clicking a button. This unlocks the ability for the Conversant adserver to create thousands of iterations of each ad unit, which can be dynamically delivered to consumers based on who they are, where they are, what they like, how they buy. While automation was previously thought to hinder creative output, Grasshopper proves that automation can amplify it.

Advertisers want to use data to conduct one-to-one conversations with their customers across all channels, particularly the fastest-growing online channel: Video. But the degree to which video ads have been personalized has traditionally been extremely limited. Kepler changes that with the introduction of a flexible, code-based framework that enables personalized videos with all elements rendered in layers. This automation tool creates the creative shell which can respond flawlessly to tens of thousands of data combinations per brand, per campaign or promotion, using the interface that is familiar to motion designers and editors. One, or several treatments are created, and then the code does the rest.