DOG DAYS at the Library

Dog Days Library

By Michelle Cyca

Posted on July 12, 2018 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:07AM

A selection of the Library's canine collection, curated by circulation assistants Natalie Craig and Angela Evans, on display for visitors during July.

Beyond its collections of art books, exhibition catalogues and digital media, the Ron Burnett Library + Learning Commons also offers a few unexpected surprises for attentive visitors. One such delight are their miniature, temporary exhibitions, curated by staff and showcasing selections of library materials.

While Emily Carr has several exhibition spaces, including the Libby Leshgold Gallery and the Michael O'Brien Exhibition Commons, there are also a number of hidden gems around campus that provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to express their creativity.

Currently, the library display case houses an exhibition entitled DOG DAYS, curated by circulation assistants Natalie Craig and Angela Evans. It will be on view until late July, 2018. Natalie and Angela shared their inspiration for the exhibition:

Dog Days 2

What inspired DOG DAYS?

Natalie: We recently welcomed some new doggies into the library family, and they inspired us to do our own take on the 'dog days of summer'.

Angela: We wanted to create a fun summer display showcasing some oddities and personal favourites from the library’s artists’ book collection.

N: It even includes a record with a dog on backup vocals!

How much planning went into the display? How long did it take you to assemble?

N: Generally our displays come together fairly quickly. This one took us an afternoon.

A: Once we had the idea we just ran with it. We often have the freedom to play around and be spontaneous with our displays.

Where did you find the items and materials on display?

N: Once we have a theme in mind, it’s an opportunity to take a deeper look into our catalogue and see what we can find. Sometimes there are some fun surprises!

A: This display consists entirely of items pulled from our artists’ book collection.

N: We also try to make sure the items are eye-catching and that they display well together.

Did you make the decorative elements in the display too?

Both: Yes!

N: It’s a way to bring some colour and personality into the space.

A: Plus - we love crafts!

Have you gotten any feedback from staff or visitors?

A: Staff were surprised we were able to find so many artists’ books that featured dogs!

N: I think they particularly enjoyed reading descriptions of Vancouver dog salons in Guy's Guide to the Flipside.

Any other upcoming displays in the works?

N: We always have a rotating staff picks series that features items from our circulating collection (books, graphic novels, media).

A: Themes are chosen by the staff member responsible for the display – recent themes have included: poetry, fashion, surveillance, and even the colour blue!

N: We also currently have a small display up for International Zine Month, and we're hosting zine and collage drop-ins every Thursday in July.

International Zine Month 2018

To learn more about the library exhibition spaces, and how to book them, visit the Library website.