Create and Share Snowflakes In Alum-Designed App

By Guest Entry

Posted on December 13, 2018 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:07AM

Polar iOS is an AR app for making digital snowflakes, from alum Emily Chong and award-winning digital product agency aeqdigital.

Alum Emily Chong is a UX/UI Designer at aeqdigital, an award-winning Vancouver-based digital product agency. Today, they released a new app designed by Emily, Polar iOS. Inspired by paper-cut snowflakes and modern design, the app allows users to relive childhood memories of folding and cutting paper to create virtual snowflake designs.

The free app, built on Apple iOS, takes users on a serene journey utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology. Users of all ages can create or catch existing snowflakes, make a cut, and then send their masterpiece back into the world. Other users can then do the same until each snowflake is complete. The app also uses geolocation services to track where each snowflake has been, connecting users together from around the world in the joyous spirit of the holiday season.

Polar features stunning user experience design with linear user flow and a dreamy indigo colour gradient. Swift mobile development, animations, and technical features bring the app the life. This is the first holiday-themed product by aeqdigital, who recently received the awards for Best UX for Product and overall Best UX at the prestigious VanUX Awards 2018 for their work on the Sneaker Con iOS app.

iPhone users can download Polar from the App Store.