Anselmo Swan Receives Grand Prize in the Shades of Gray Competition

Anselmo Swan

By Guest Entry

Posted on April 09, 2018 | Updated August 06, 2019, 9:06AM

Alumni Anselmo Swan (96) was the grand prize winner of the annual Shades Of Gray drawing competition. His winning drawing HOME is featured in May's edition of Artists Magazine.

Congratulations to alumnus Anselmo Swan (1996) on his win for Artists Networks' 6th annual Shades of Gray competition. The competition is open to any media provided that all of the art is in black, white, or gray. Anselmo's winning drawing, Home, will be featured in the May issue of Drawing Magazine.

On the winning piece, Anselmo Swan says:

Home was inspired by my evening observations of homes from surrounding neighborhoods. I contemplated houses and trees becoming silhouetted against evening skies as sunlight began to decrease. Homes grew dark except for the light in windows and at the door. The sky and cumulus clouds in this drawing symbolize peace and order. The trees symbolize life, and they surround the home, almost becoming part of it. The home represents a bastion of protection, safety and belonging in the approaching night. It was a vision of serenity. These observations inspired in me a longing for a true home; a
place of perfect belonging and acceptance. It’s an idea that I have also come across in works of literature and in songs — it seems to be a universal longing.

About Anselmo Swan: