TEDxEmilyCarrU performances shared at TEDx global gathering in Taipei

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Posted on November 22, 2019 | Updated November 22, 2019, 8:48AM

Marking the 10-year anniversary of TEDx, five weekend-long experiences called TEDxWeekends were held across continents to celebrate. TEDxEmilyCarrU performances were shared during the TEDxWeekendTaipei panel on Diversified Presentations.

Throughout 2019, marking the 10-year anniversary of TEDx, five weekend-long experiences called TEDxWeekends were held in Mexico City, Johannesburg, Carthage, Rome, and Taipei to celebrate. Bringing together hundreds of TEDx community members from around the world, each experience featured regional workshops, cultural experiences, and social gatherings.

At TEDxWeekendTaipei, Scott Mallory, Emily Carr alumnus (2017) and founder + licensee of TEDxEmilyCarrU, had the opportunity to share insights at a panel on Diversified Presentations alongside the lead organizers of TEDxSaoPaolo, TEDxVienna and TEDxMoscow. This included examples from the hybrid spoken word and acrobatic yoga performance integrated with the 2018 event's "Equilibrium" theme and visual identity, along with the live dance battle hosted by a speaker that brought the ideas from her talk about street dance out into the audience where everyone could participate in the gallery space at TEDxEmilyCarrU 2019. In a presentation by TED staff, Mallory's participation in sharing and exchanging TEDx event organizing knowledge across the community was also mentioned.

In addition to a range of panel sessions, TEDxWeekendTaipei featured presentations on innovation and sustainability, corporate and art visits, cultural and community experiences, and city explorations. Videos and photos from the gathering are published on the TEDxWeekendTaipei Youtube and Flickr.

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