A Short Guide to Recycling in Vancouver

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By Michael Pollard | filed in Library, Library

Posted on September 25, 2020 | Updated September 25, 2020, 2:36PM

For the Future Global Day of Climate Action we bring you a new guide to recycling in Vancouver.

Friday September 25th is Fridays for Future Global Day of Climate Action, and to help our community become more sustainable we’ve created “A Short Guide to Recycling in Vancouver; Or, Everything You Wanted to Know About Recycling (But Were Afraid to Ask)”. For example, where do I put my coffee to go cups - paper recycling? Think again. Compost? Nope. They go in with mixed containers because they have a thin polycoat lining that must be removed before they are pulped. Fascinating, right?

Did you know that you shouldn’t put flexible plastics such as zipper pouch bags in with your soft plastic recycling, and that you can recycle most junk food packaging such as chip bags and candy wrappers? In fact, you can probably recycle more things than you think! So unless you’re a recycling guru, it will be the most educational 3 minutes of your week. You’ll find a lot of resources you can use today, tomorrow, and into the future, including ideas for moving beyond the three Rs towards a truly sustainable world.

Find the guide on our Sustainability Research Guide and here: Vancouver Recycling Guide

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