Anti-Racism Resources, Supports and Organizations

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By Emily Carr University

Posted on June 03, 2020 | Updated July 27, 2020, 9:06am

A list of resources and links to help you get involved, support the cause and learn more.

Below, you'll find links to organizations where you can get involved with the project of anti-racism, or support in their efforts against anti-Black racism. Also listed are online anti-racism resources, including supports specifically for teachers, youth and/or students.

If you have a suggestion for a resource or organization you'd like to see listed here, please send it to us via email at

Black Lives Matter - Vancouver
Black folks & allies working in solidarity with communities seeking justice from racialized violence.

Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19

An emergency micro-grant fundraising initiative created in partnership with Black Lives Matter Vancouver. It provides financial aid and support for Black community members who are experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hogan's Alley Society

The Hogan’s Alley Society advocates for Black Vancouverites who have endured the legacies of urban renewal and their erasure from the official historical narrative. Their initiatives aim to build the capacity of racialized and marginalized communities to participate in city building. The non-profit organization composed of civil rights activists, business professionals, community organizations, artists, writers and academics committed to daylighting the presence of Black history in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund

In response to the incessant police brutality and anti-blackness, right now more than ever the Black community is in need of mental health support. Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to raise funds to make mental health support more accessible to Black community members in the Lower Mainland. The fundraiser was created with the understanding of the disparity of access for Black mental health resources; its goal is to connect members with accredited and recommended local Black counselors and therapists. With the help of paid advocates, members would be linked directly to these resources.

Afro Van Connect
The purpose of Afro Van Connect is to power the voices of African Descent Youth. Their core values are to heal the community, create opportunity and educate Youth. Afro Van Connect powers the voices of people of African Descent through conversation, collaboration, creation & performance. They establish gatherings of young vibrant creative minds dedicated to innovating authentic solutions, to increase the visibility of the underrepresented diaspora communities. Afro Van Connect offers people of African Descent creative platforms where shared opportunities and resources are designed to support liberating education and community sustainability. They are dedicated to building a platform to celebrate the shared story of people of African Descent through their collective accomplishments.

Federation of Black Canadians
A national, non-profit organization, driven by organizations across the country that advances the social, economic, political and cultural interests of Canadians of African descent. As a Pan-Canadian body, the FBC seeks to discuss the opportunities, contributions and challenges that exist for people of African descent nationally.

The Movement for Black Lives
The Movement for Black Lives Fund supports Black-led rapid response efforts and long-term strategy, policy and infrastructure investments in the movement ecosystem. It is made up of hundreds of organizations that coordinate actions, messages and campaigns. Organizations include: Black Alliance for Justice Immigration, Blackbird, Black Lives Matter Network, Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity, Blackout Collective, Black Youth Project 100, Color of Change, Dignity and Power Now, Freedom Inc, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, Organization for Black Struggle, Project South, Southerners on New Ground, UndocuBlack Network, Law4Black Lives, Black Movement Law Project, Community Justice Project and many others.

The Black Liberation Collective

The Black Liberation Collective is a collective consisting of Black students who are dedicated to transforming institutions of higher education through unity, coalition building, direct action and political education.

Black Youth Helpline

Black Youth Helpline works toward primary prevention of social, psychological breakdown in communities through a focus on education, health and community development. Black Youth Helpline serves all youth and specifically responds to the need for a Black youth-specific service, positioned and resourced to promote access to professional, culturally appropriate support for youth, families and schools.

Black Health Alliance

A community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada. Driven by groundbreaking research, strong partnerships, and people, this movement continues to build innovative solutions to improve Black health and well-being, and mobilize people and financial resources to create lasting change in the lives of Black children, families and communities.

Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society

A registered non-profit charity, with a mandate to advocate and provide support services for hate crime and systemic racism, as well as public education about institutional racism.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network monitors, exposes and counters hate groups.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society.

POC in Play

An independent organization creating a range of initiatives and programme of events designed to increase the visibility and representation of People of Colour in the video games industry. The POC in Play team comprises of games industry professionals from a range of backgrounds and experiences, but who all share a passion to drive impactful change and open the door for more People of Colour.

Black Girls CODE

Black Girls CODE is devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, Black Girls CODE introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in programming languages such as Scratch or Ruby on Rails. Black Girls CODE has set out to prove to the world that girls of every color have the skills to become the programmers of tomorrow.

Canadian Women's Foundation
\ Resources for Ending Anti-Black Racism
Anti-Black racism has a long history in Canada, and the experience is intersectional. Black women and girls and Trans and non-binary people experience discrimination based their race and gender and other identity factors such as sexuality, ability, faith, age, and more. These resources on anti-Black racism in Canada and misogynoir are particularly helpful for non-Black people to educate themselves and share with others.

    Calgary Anti-Racism Education | Understanding Whiteness
    To combat racism today, it is necessary to understand the history of the ideology of "race" in order to challenge whiteness as the foundation of racial categories and racism.

    Centre for Race and Culture | Anti-Racism Education in Canada: Best Practices
    This report provides a summary of best practices as well as examples of initiatives in anti-racism education in Canadian cities. The report contains information that is useful for any teacher, administrator, or individual interested in promoting equitable teaching and learning.

    British Columbia Teachers' Federation | Anti-Racism Resources
    Classroom strategies, handbooks, reference material, and background information on teaching anti-racism in the classroom.

    Donate to Justice For Regis.

    Donate to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

    Donate to Belly Mujinga's family, including her daughter.

    Donate to the Toronto Protestor Bail Fund, which provides legal support to anyone protesting in Toronto.

    Donate to The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which provides funds to pay bail for those protesting in Minnesota.