Scott Mallory Partners to Launch Racial Equity Accelerator Program

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Posted on July 28, 2020 | Updated July 28, 2020, 8:19AM

Scott Mallory has partnered to launch Racial Equity Accelerator, a grant-based program for mission-driven organizations to apply advanced technology (data science, AI, coding) to fast-track their solutions for racial equity.

Faculty member Scott Mallory's ISM Arts & Culture has partnered with Collective Impact Network to launch Racial Equity Accelerator, a grant-based program for projects that advance racial equity. Advanced technology (data science, AI, coding) makes it possible to approach big problems with new solutions that were not available just a few years go. The program provides and applies advanced technology to fast-track solutions proposed by mission-driven organizations addressing racial equity focus areas including criminal justice reform, healthcare access, education, workforce, and civic engagement – alongside forming a grant pool of $10M+ allocated across ten projects.

Similarly, the team was part of launching the Google AI Impact Challenge and the Canada-wide Hackathon Against COVID-19. Collective Impact Network creates social impact at the intersection of technology and marketing. ISM Arts & Culture creates community opportunity at the intersection of new media, curation and education. And they have now joined to launch Racial Equity Accelerator.

Organizations involved include Google, Amazon Web Services,, Techstars, The King Center, National Black Chamber of Commerce, The Praxis Project, National Cares Mentoring Movement, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Bay Area community foundations, and others, which will create impact in over 70 countries through the program. Participants are onboarded on an ongoing basis including funding organizations (family foundations, corporate organizations, philanthropists, celebrity influencers), grantees (non-profits, civic organizations, educational institutions, mission-driven startups), and technology innovators (technology companies, startup and dev communities, expert mentors, impact VCs). Inquiries for strategic partnerships with the program can be submitted here, and individual project proposals can be submitted here.

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