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Posted on December 17, 2020 | Updated December 17, 2020, 2:22PM

The TEDxEmilyCarrU 2020 Talks are now available on the official TEDx Youtube Channel.

Earlier this fall, TEDxEmilyCarrU's 2020 talks were pre-recorded and are now available on the TEDx Youtube Channel. The event's theme: "New Voices" brought together 9 speakers across various fields—let these new voices reframe your context, introduce you to unfamiliarity and challenge your perspectives.

Watch the talks playlist now on the official TEDx Youtube Channel. To see official photos from the event, visit

About the Speakers

"Absent Presence" | Deepali Raiththa
We are in an infinite thread of conversation, moving so quickly from one point to another that people have no time to feel “the now” Deepali Raiththa, a performance mixed media artist, gets inspired by her empty studio, exploring the absence of the presence, investigates the liminality while transitioning in time. She unravels the importance of slowing down to experience the in-between.

"Can the Blind Be Graphic Designers?" | Natalie Gagnon
Visual communication is just that — visual. But does it have to be? Discover the story of Jillian Sloane, a blind student who, through her enrollment in a university graphic design course, pushed the limits of what society and her instructor, Natalie Gagnon, thought was possible. In this talk, Natalie candidly recounts her blind assumptions of Jill’s capabilities and shares how Jill used clever tactile solutions to design without sight.

"Finding the Meaning of Home in a Homeless Shelter" | Anne Shand
From the life stories of men living in an inner-city homeless shelter, accommodating a small sector of the homeless population trapped in a cycle of homelessness because of chronic substance abuse or severe and persistent mental illnesses, evolves the deeper meaning of home that transcends the physical structure. Anne Shand uncovers the factors that contribute to the men's emotional attachment to the shelter as their home and the value in including these factors in considering solutions for homelessness that look beyond the physical structure.

"We Can All Learn to See Music" | Andrew Lowell
Music is experienced solely with our ears, and this limitation on our senses has endured throughout human history. Andrew Lowell, a simulation expert as well as a synesthete, questions how we perceive music. In an age where the line between audio and visual mediums is blurred, this talk redefines long standing rules that govern music through a series of insightful animations.

"Why does Empathy Stop at Work?" | Kenneth Chang
We live in a society where many things are driven by numbers and results. When things become competitive, we forget to consider how our actions affect others. It is important to remember that empathy is a crucial factor in human connection. As leaders, it is our responsibility to foster a safe space where people’s feelings matter and feel understood.

"A Magician's Guide to Building Better Habits" | Eric Tsoi
Ever wondered how a magician seemingly does the impossible or why our digital devices are so hard to turn away from? Turns out that both the magician and designer behind these experiences are using the same techniques to capture and manipulate our attention. Learn the secrets behind these tricks from designer and former magician Eric Tsoi as he teaches you how to take advantage of your own psychology and apply these techniques in your own lives to build better habits.

"Explore and Experiment" | Jiaqing Chen
If you ever feel lost or burnt out, being experimental with your creative practice is the advice that is given. Donna suggests that a helpful trick to overcome this fear of creative experiment might be to notice the difference between the two words: Explore and Experiment.

"Cooking as a Coping Mechanism" | June Tang
In our ever so fast-paced world that is increasingly overwhelmed with stress and burden, can food provide a space for calming and grounding ourselves beyond its main purpose of being purely sustenance? June Tang walks us through how she takes up mindful cooking as a way of combating stress, loneliness, while growing an appreciation for life.

"What do you see when you see a homeless person?" | Casey Hrynkow Shewchuk
Why is it that, when we see strangers, we create stories in our minds about them that make us feel anything from warm, to guarded, to fearful? Is it age, manner of dress, behaviour? Somehow we create unconscious narratives about the people we encounter. And our physical response to that narrative can make that stranger feel safe, embarrassed, or afraid. Casey Hrynkow Shewchuk takes us through her research, developed to have complete strangers from very different life states, have some meaningful interaction. Her goal: to have them learn about each other in order to break down barriers.

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