Beyond The Frame

by Vera Bode

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Third Year | Graduation year: 2025

This project delves into the growing role of photography in both travel and our daily lives, exploring its motivations and impact.

In an era defined by constant connectivity, our perception of life has undergone a profound transformation. Beyond The Frame unravels the yearning people have to witness and document the world’s wonders through their own lens. It highlights the inherent human compulsion to depict and share moments in a world increasingly driven by visual storytelling, while simultaneously scrutinizing how this longing may affect our ability to authentically ‘see’ and experience the places we visit.

The series adopts an anthropological approach to examine the patterns of subjects that people, including myself, are drawn to photograph. By delving into my personal smartphone archive, I aim to investigate what these photos reveal about our collective identity and individual perspectives, using photography as a mirror reflecting our desires, curiosities and cultural inclinations. My hope is to inspire a positive shift in how we engage with the world around us, encouraging people to strike a balance between photography and being fully present in the moment.

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About the Artist

Vera Bode is a German photographer based in Berlin. She completed her photography education at Lette-Verein, Berlin, in 2020, and is currently pursuing a degree in fine arts at Berlin University of the Arts.

During her third year of studies, Vera participated in an exchange to Vancouver, Canada, where she studied at Emily Carr University from September to December 2023.

Vera’s photographic work focuses on conceptual, documentary, and staged photography, using analog and digital media. Through her visual creations, she aims to provoke thought, raise awareness about social issues, and challenge prevailing norms and injustices.

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