Visual Arts Major

  • Intro

    Be an artist.

    Reach your highest potential as a fine arts creator and maker by choosing the Visual Arts Major.

    All our majors commence upon completion of our Foundation Year requirements.

    If you want to be a professional artist contributing to the contemporary arts and culture sector, our Visual Arts Major will provide a great foundation. This program promotes the connection between material practice, exhibition and critical reflection, through material and intellectual experimentation. You will be challenged to develop studio, creation and analytical skills, as well as a deep understanding of visual arts within social and cultural contexts. Five key areas of concentration offer courses in the disciplines of ceramics, drawing, painting, print media, and sculpture.

    The Visual Arts Major brings academic rigour to your development of conceptual, technical, and historical knowledge relevant to visual art practice and exhibition. It emphasizes a supportive and stimulating studio environment, which blends individual and group critiques, integrating theory, practice, and production. Our exceptional faculty have a strong interest in hybrid and interdisciplinary practices, encouraging you to experiment and engage with traditional as well as emerging technologies.

  • Pathways

    You will become part of a community of highly skilled practitioners, visionaries and creative problem-solvers, with the knowledge to enter the world of visual arts and contribute from a variety of perspectives.


    Inspiring job titles of our graduates

    Professor, Gallerist, Landscape Architect, Architect, Educator, Art Therapist, Calligrapher, Environment Artist, Associate Creative Director, Chief Visual Officer, Community Arts Programmer, Storyboard Artist, Commissioned Public Artist, Concept Artist

    Dynamic employers that have recruited our graduates

    Seattle Art Museum, Rockstar Games, Western Living Magazine, Scanline VFX, Potters Guild of British Columbia, Craft Council of British Columbia, Medalta International Artist Residency, Bardel Entertainment, Lush Cosmetics, MakerLABS

  • Program

    After first year Foundation studies at Emily Carr, you will apply to enter the Visual Arts Major in your second year.

    Your studies will focus steadily in this field over the last three years of your four year degree. Upon completion you will achieve the undergraduate degree and designation, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Visual Arts (BFA, VisArt). See the Admissions section about application information for undergraduate, international, transfer, and aboriginal students.

    120 credits are required to complete your degree.

  • Aims

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts program develops you to become a creative citizen of the visual arts community through conceptual, critical, cultural, practice-oriented, and career-focused education.

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts Major aims to:

    • equip students with the necessary critical, theoretical, research, and studio practices to become engaged citizens through visual art and material production;
    • impart advanced knowledge of material practice and exhibition within visual art culture;
    • foster conceptual and technical knowledge through a studio-based education reflecting the diversity and complexity of contemporary visual art practices across disciplines, mediums, and technologies;
    • prepare you with a contextual understanding of the visual arts and creative sectors so you may enter these knowledge-based economies;
    • foster a dynamic visual arts and exhibition culture and community within Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada, as well as strengthen it regionally and globally.

Experiment across all disciplines.