Lucy Skaer, Audain Distinguished Artist-in-Residence Talk

by Lucy Skaer

Graduation year: 1925

Scottish artist Lucy Skaer is our Fall 2015 Audain Distinguished Artist-in-Residence.

Primarily working with sculpture and drawing, Skaer’s practice encompasses a wide variety of materials and methods. Engaging with both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes, her sculptures evoke the sense of a half-remembered history still present in the world around us. Deeply engaged with the materiality and providence of objects, Skaer’s work hovers between recognizable forms and abstracted symbols, drawing the viewer into unravelling narrative associations.

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Lucy Skaer, Audain Distinguished Artist in Residence, Sep 21, 2015

lucy skaer audain distinguished artist-in-residence Work-by-Lucy-Skaer-Sticks-Stones-2015-Installation.-Courtesy-of-Murray-Guy-New-York.-Photo-Nicholas-Knight
lucy skaer audain distinguished artist-in-residence Second-Work-by-Lucy-Skaer-Sticks-Stones-2015-Installation.-Courtesy-of-Murray-Guy-New-York.-Photo-Nicholas-Knight

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