‘Rockabye’ and ‘Barren’ from the series ‘Mother’

by Alize Tamturk

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Fourth Year | Graduation year: 2024

My series Mother investigates societal norms and expectations of women to have children and become nurturing mothers. Although women have gained many opportunities for independence and professional success, the echoes of this outdated stereotype persist, haunting the minds of many women as they grapple with the societal pressure to fulfill the role of motherhood.

Through my lens, I capture the poignant moments of introspection and longing, blending vulnerability with strength, while the subject, seemingly longing to see herself as a mother, remains anonymous.

In my work I am seeking inspiration from Cindy Sherman as her work also delves into feminine identity by using staging and costume.

This project challenges viewers to contemplate the essence of womanhood and the multiplicity of roles that women embody. It prompts us to question the validity of predefined roles and encourages reevaluating what it means to be a woman today.


About the Artist

Alize Tamturk is a Turkish-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, having earned her BFA from Emily Carr University in 2024.

She specializes in photography and sculpture installations, with a focus on exploring the intersection of feminine identity and culture. Influenced by her Turkish background, her work delves into the complexities of womanhood, inviting viewers to contemplate the evolving narratives of gender and identity. Through her art, Alize bridges tradition with modernity, creating thought-provoking pieces that celebrate diversity and the human experience.

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