Swarm Series - Swarm No. 3

by Jordan Baraniecki

master of fine arts

Graduate Student | Graduation year: 2022

Swarm No. 3 is a collection of folded-paper works that utilizes two-dimensional materials to create three-dimensional form. This project deals with positive and negative space within our tangible world from a metaphysical point of view.

Swarm No 3 1
Swarm No 3 4
Swarm No 3 6
Swarm No 3 7
Swarm No 3 360 PIC

Swarm No. 3

About the Artist

Jordan Baraniecki is a multimedia artist. He understands questions about the “self” and the nature of being. There is an interest for him to see how the present moment can be shown as its’ own experience; to question what it means to be aware.