Master's Degrees in Fine Arts

Our Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs promote critical and material inquiry and creative research, in a practice-based, studio environment.

Our approach to critical making actively integrates praxis with research and is intended to expand the theoretical and experimental frameworks in which your studio production is situated. Through a predominantly critique-based environment, you will be encouraged to take risks, to challenge, and to grow your established material processes and critical perspectives.

Throughout the degree, you will develop your Master’s thesis project, an integral creative product comprising both a practical and written component, with the assistant and supervision of a faculty mentor. Research seminars, studio classes, public exhibitions and a series of lectures and studio visits from renowned artists and curators will inform and supplement your practice, and deepen your professional development.

Our learning community is diverse. Students from a wide range of different professional backgrounds and lived experiences contribute to the work we do. They are engaged in historic and contemporary issues, regarding the land, sustainability and social innovation, processes of de-colonization, new materials and technologies, perceptual processes and more.

Offered as a two-year Full-Residency program or a two-and-a-half-year Low-Residency program, our MFA programs provide a rigorous and innovative approach to contemporary art production with the flexibility to support your established professional practice and research initiatives through the curriculum and beyond.

You can browse theses by our graduates through the Emily Carr Library.

As a multidisciplinary artist, being able to try new materials and methods is an essential part of my praxis. I cannot think of a space or time that better allowed for that than at Emily Carr University. With access to a multitude of studios and workshops, I am able to create freely and organically, while being supported by faculty, staff and colleagues who genuinely care for my success.

Rebecca Bair, MFA 2020 Graduate

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