Research Areas

Research culture, an important and integral part of Emily Carr, is made up of a unique mix of practice-based and critical approaches to knowledge production.

Graduate students have full access to our research resources and facilities, where materials, making, and digital capacity are key.

Through state-of-the art digital technology located in our Motion Capture, Prototyping, Media + Programming, Wearables + Interactives Products studios and more, we explore new means of prototyping and production, create new employment avenues and redefine contemporary creative and aesthetic expression.

Faculty and students from different disciplines work collaboratively toward innovation in areas where Emily Carr is making significant national and international contributions. We believe that such research is forma- tive, nimble, experimental, generative and essential in contemporary context.

Faculty-led research projects are all part of an ongoing portfolio of interdisciplinary and industry partnered research initiatives that generate singular opportunities for graduate students to integrate their own research interests into real-life projects.

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Dedicated Research Centres

Health Design Lab
Living Labs
Material Matters
Basically Good Media Lab
The Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship

Canada Research Chairs

Studio for Extensive Aesthetics
Studio for Critical Making
Chair in Indigenous Studies