Studios + Facilities

Graduate programs at Emily Carr have a strong focus on studio practice with rigorous individual and group critiques that aim to balance the integration of theory, practice, and production. As a graduate student, you will have access to your own studio space and to shared, dedicated work areas. A wealth of resources and integrated studios, labs, and workshops housing a wide range of media, analogue and new digital technologies will be available to you. We firmly believe learning happens not just in curriculum but through material exploration and play.

This is supported by:

  • Motion capture + visualization lab
  • Networked HTC Vive VR systems
  • WIP - Wearables + Interactive lab
  • Material Matters - Comprehensive 3D prototyping labs
  • TARP - Textile Adaptation Research Projects/program: digital jacquard loom, industrial needle felting, tufting equipment
  • Photography + film shooting studios
  • Digital + cell animation studio
  • Sound mixing studios
  • Digital + analog workshops
  • Wood shops (sculptural works, furniture and prototyping, stretchers and surfaces)
  • Soft Shop: digital embroidery, pressing + sewing facilities
  • Metal shop, non-ferrous foundry, forge
  • CNC router + Trotec speedy 400 laser cutters
  • Ceramics material production with BLAAUW gas kilns
  • Printmaking + book media facilities
  • Traditional fine arts studios

Find detailed descriptions of our shops and studios on our website.