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    The Animation Studio (A3030) is a collaborative studio supporting 2D and 3D animation production. The studio is outfitted with industry-standard equipment and software for drawing, modeling, filming, rendering and editing animations. Facilities include: Camera Puppet Room (A3060/A3061), Editing Suites (A3051-A3055) and Computer Lab (A3080).

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in ANIM courses
    • Card access during building hours
  • Equipment

    Animation Studio (A3030)

    • PC workstations*
    • Cintiq workstations
    • Network render farm
    • Sound effects library
    • Classical animation tools
    • Crafting/lighting assembly tools

    Camera Puppet Room (A3060/A3061)

    • DSLR cameras
    • DragonFrame
    • Classical 2D animation copy stands (digital/16mm)
    • Ditogear motion controls
    • LED/Tungsten lighting kits (standard accessories)
    • 3D set building kits/supplies
    • Workstations

    Room Bookings

    Editing Suites (A3051-A3055)

    • Audio editing software/hardware
    • Colour grading software/hardware

    Room Bookings

    Computer Lab (A3080)

    • PC workstations*
    • Intuos Pro drawing tablets

    *PC workstations are equipped with: ergonomic set-ups, industry-standard software and specialized displays (dual monitors, 4K).

  • Contact

    General Contact

    Christopher Strickler
    Office: A3035

    Gil Goletski
    Office: A3035

    PC & Software Support