Stretchers + Surfaces Wood Shop

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    The Stretchers + Surfaces Wood Shop (C4260) is a production facility outfitted with tools and machinery for building canvas stretchers and a variety of braced surfaces. The Stretchers + Surfaces Wood Shop is one of three wood shop facilities at Emily Carr.

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in DRWG, ILUS and PNTG courses
    • See schedule for open access hours
  • Workshops + Resources


    • Safety Orientation (Required - Included in Workshops)
    • Workshop: Stretcher Frame Making + Canvas Stretching
    • Workshop: Panel Board Making
  • Equipment
    • Table saw
    • Miter saw
    • Panel saw
    • Handheld power tools
    • Router table
    • Drill press
    • Combination disc belt sander
    • Assembly tables
    • Downdraft table
    • Clamps
    • Pneumatic tools
  • Contact

    General Contact
    604. 844. 3872

    Sharon Bayly
    Office: C4261

    Yang Hong
    Office: C4261