Sculpture Wood Shop

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    The Sculpture Wood Shop (D1350) is a facility for sculpture production in a variety of materials. The shop is outfitted with stationary, power and hand tools for cutting, drilling, shaping and joining. The Sculpture Wood Shop is one of three wood shop facilities at Emily Carr.

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in SCLP courses
    • See schedule for open access hours
  • Workshops + Resources


    • Safety Orientation (Required)
    • Wood Level 1
  • Equipment
    • Band saws
    • Scroll saws
    • Chop saw
    • Table saw
    • Planer
    • Joiner
    • Drill presses
    • Sanders
    • Router table
    • Laminate trimmers
    • Lathes
    • Power tools
    • Pneumatic tools
  • Contact

    David Morgan
    Office: D1353
    604. 844. 3857