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    Film and Screen Arts facilities are dedicated to the production and post-production of digital and analogue film. Studios are outfitted with tools and equipment for filming, set building, lighting, recording, sound editing and film editing. Facilities include: Production Studio (D1387), Recording Studios (D1320, D1322), Project Room (D1390), Green Room (D1383), Multi-Purpose Theatre (D1375) and Edit Rooms (Various).

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in FMSA and NMSA courses
    • Reservable access to all facilities (see area Technician)
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    • Safety Orientation (Required)


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    Equipment Lists + Bookings

    Production Studio (D1387)

    • Lighting grid (17ft)
    • Scaffold (25ft)
    • Kino Flo IMB-45X-120 lights (x2)
    • ETC ColorSource 20 DMX lighting controller
    • Ovation F-415FC RGB LED lights (x4)
    • Dracast DRPL-FL-3000B bi-colour LED lights (x8)
    • Black curtains
    • Set construction flats (8ft x 4ft: 10 full, 6 half, 4 window, 2 doors)
    • Tables and chairs
    • Production equipment (c-stands, flags, scrims, apple boxes, etc.)
    • Fresnel floor lights (2000w x1, 1000w x5)

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    Recording Studio (D1320/D1322)

    Control Room (D1320)

    • 5.1 Surround Sound mix room
    • Allen & Heath QU-16 digital mixing board
    • Avid Omni Pro Tools Audio Interface
    • Pro Tools HD (Ultimate)
    • Logic X
    • Ableton Live
    • Isotope RX Post Production Noise Reduction Suite 3
    • Reaper
    • Midi keyboard (88 note)

    Live Room (D1322)

    • 16 in 8 out digital interface
    • Audio-Technica 2020 condenser microphone
    • Foley pit (gravel, concrete, metal surfaces)

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    Project Room (D1390)

    • Lighting grid (15ft)
    • Chauvet Stage Designer 50 DMX controller
    • Ovation F-415FC RGB LED lights (x4)
    • Epson LCS H735A projector
    • Speakers (mounted on North wall)

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    Green Room (D1383)

    • Private bathroom
    • Wall-sized mirror
    • Sink
    • Clothing racks (x2)

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    Multi-Purpose Theatre (D1375)

    • 40 seats
    • 7.1 Surround Sound audio playback
    • Denon DN-500BD Blu-ray Player

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    Edit Rooms 1 - 7 (D1321-D1337)

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      General Contact
      604. 844. 3889

      Zoë Kirk-Gushowaty
      Office: D1324

      Matt Stephanson

      Rafael Tsuchida
      Office: D1324