Metal Shop

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    The Metal Shop (C1282) is a production facility for three-dimensional metal fabrication and non-ferrous metal casting. The shop has dedicated spaces for welding, grinding, cold and hot forming, forging and casting. Facilities include: Metal Shop (C1282), Welding Bay (C1285), Grinding Room (C1286) and Foundry (B1191).



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    • Safety Orientation (Required)
  • Equipment

    Metal Shop (C1282)

    • Metal turning lathe
    • Semi-automatic band saw
    • Band saw
    • Drill presses
    • Slip rolls
    • Shear
    • Power roller
    • Spot welder
    • Brake
    • Rotex punch
    • Hand tools

    Welding Bay (C1285)

    • MIG and TIG welders
    • Oxy-acetylene gas welders
    • Plasma cutter

    Grinding Room (C1286)

    • Sand blaster
    • Sanding machine
    • Grinders
    • Hand grinders
    • Cold cut saw
    • Buffer

    Foundry (B1191)

    • Slot forge
    • De-wax kiln
    • Induction furnace
    • Sand casting royer
    • Sand casting molds
    • English wheel
  • Contact

    Ian Rhodes
    Office: C1281