Flexible Materials Lab

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    The Flexible Materials Lab (B1178) is a three-dimensional production facility that accommodates a range of processes while synthesizing materials. The lab is outfitted with tools and equipment for serial production through mold making and casting as well as direct material sculpting and carving. Facilities include: Synthetics Shop (C1279) and Plaster + Concrete Shop (B1178).

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in SCLP and INDD courses
    • Card access to Plaster + Concrete Shop (B1178) during building hours
    • See schedule for open access hours to Synthetics Shop (C1279)
  • Workshops + Resources


    • Safety Orientation (Required)
    • Workshop: Intro to Mold Making and Casting
  • Equipment
    • Wax pots
    • Vacuum degasser
    • High-pressure casting chamber
    • Post-curing oven
    • Hot-wire cutters
    • Hot plate
    • Blender
    • Specialty hand tools
    • Bandsaw
    • Jigs
    • Solvents
  • Contact

    Rob Dolphin
    Office: C1278