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    Photography facilities are dedicated to lens-based media and image making, with equipment and resources for digital and analogue processes. Facilities include: Film Lab (B4135), Digital Lab (B4120), Scanning Lab (B4121) and Photo Studio (D1385).

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    • Priority given to students enrolled in PHOT courses
    • Card access during open access hours (see schedule)
    • Reservable access to Scanning Lab (B4121) and Photo Studio (D1385) (see area Technician)
  • Workshops + Resources


    • Safety Orientation (Required)
  • Equipment

    Film Lab (B4135)

    • Black and white processor (RC paper)
    • Tray process equipment (fibre paper)
    • Dark Room (18 enlargers)
    • Chemistry (black and white film processing)
    • UV exposure unit (alternate processes)

    Digital Lab (B4120)

    • Workstations equipped with Photoshop, Lightroom
    • Epson professional scanners (x6)
    • Canon 24” wide inkjet photo printer (x2)
    • Epson 17” wide inkjet photo printer (x1)
    • Worktable finishing area

    Scanning Lab (B4121)

    • Hasselblad professional scanners (x3)
    • Nikon scanner (x1)

    Photo Studio (D1385)

    • Strobe lights
    • Hot lights
    • Lighting modifiers
    • Studio stands/booms
    • Seemless backdrops
    • Shoot-through table

    Camera Gear

    • Fuji GFX medium format camera
    • 8 x 10 cameras
    • 4 x 5 cameras
    • Media Resources reference for equipment (PDF)

    Available through area Technician.

  • Contact

    General Contact

    Michael Love
    Office: B4122

    Maya Schueller Elmes
    Office: B4137

    Geoffrey Wallang
    Office: B4136