Research at ECU

Over recent years, ECU has made significant investments in expanding how research connects to the various communities that surround the university. This commitment to research as a core strategic priority was reaffirmed in the institution’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan titled “Eight Commitments to an Emergent Future.” We believe that research in visual arts, media arts, and design is vital for the cultural wealth of local and global communities. Additionally, we seek to promote research that demonstrates the social significance of art and design scholarship in transforming post-secondary education and citizenship.

Research at Emily Carr supports significant initiatives and projects by organizing secure research infrastructure and funding. Our network of researchers, faculty, students, and industry partners benefits from Emily Carr University’s evolving suite of state-of-the-art digital, fine art, and media-based technologies and facilities. Together, we advance knowledge in unique fields, pursue interdisciplinary experimentation, and develop and enhance projects in all disciplines.

Graduate and undergraduate students benefit through direct involvement in research projects under the leadership and guidance of researchers and faculty supervisors. Students access projects and opportunities through our Centres' Directors and their collaborative industry projects and through Emily Carr University faculty who pursue practice-based research in clusters and collaborations.

The Emily Carr University Research Ethics Board (ECU-REB) promotes a high standard of ethics and integrity in research and scholarship. All university-affiliated research and scholarship involving human participants requires review and approval of the ECU-REB prior to the start of research activities involving participants.

Our research empowers new means of production, employment, creative and aesthetic expression, and culminates in a wealth of opportunities for our graduates.

Funding for Research

We are thankful to the government agencies that encourage academic research with funding opportunities through the Research Support Fund and Tri-Agency programs. Our researchers have access to SSHRC and Canada Council of the Arts programs. Industry partnerships are supported by NSERC and NRC, IRAP funds. CFI and BCKDF funds have made research infrastructure available to our researchers and their project partners. MITACS provides opportunities for our students to collaborate with industry in research projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about research funding opportunities or are looking for industry partnerships, please contact research[at]

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