CRC and CFI Allocation Plans

ECU currently has an allocation of four Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) that are used to attract and retain researchers who are recognized internationally as leaders in their field. We have assigned these Chairs to areas connected to its thematic strengths outlined in previous Strategic Research Plans as noted below.

As of 2022, ECU meets our current CRC-mandated Equity Target of 1 female CRC. However, as a signatory to the Dimensions Charter and in order to address the systemic gender gap in the national allocation of research chairs and to support excellent researchers from all equity-denied groups, ECU will continue to refine recruitment and retention processes and best practices with an aim to exceed our equity targets by recruiting new candidates from equity-denied communities.

Research Theme(s)Tier, AgencyTime Period
Materials Inquiry and Critical MakingTier II (SSHRC)2014-2024
Art and Design TechnologyTier II (SSHRC)2014-2024
Previously: Indigenous and Aboriginal StudiesTier II (SSHRC)2015-2021 (Vacant)
TBDTier II (SSHRC)Vacant
TBDTier II (SSHRC)Vacant

ECU’s currently and recently appointed Canada Research Chairs are:

  • Prof. Amber Frid-Jimenez, Associate Professor and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Art + Design Technology (renewed in 2019)
  • Dr. Garnet Hertz, Associate Professor and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Design + Media Arts (renewed in 2019)

Our third Canada Research Chair, Dr. Richard Hill, Associate Professor and Tier II CRC in Indigenous Studies, was renewed in 2020 but resigned in 2021.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for CRC Program at ECU

With support from the CRC Program’s EDI Stipend, we are developing a CRCP EDI Action Plan that will enable us to: A) achieve equity targets that align with our institutional goals and the art and design research sector; and B) establish an actionable roadmap for effectively recruiting and retaining current and new CRCs from equity-denied groups.

Through this work, we are developing CRC-specific procedures for recruitment, hiring, and retention practices that adhere to the CRC program’s EDI Requirements and Practices and align with our institutional EDI Action Plan and ECU’s CRC equity targets. This work will ensure that we are able to attract and retain Canada Research Chairs from equity-denied communities and support the career growth of our current and future Canada Research Chairs.

CRC Infrastructure and CRC Deployments

CFI infrastructure funds connected to our current CRCs have been and will continue to be used to complement the technological resources currently available at Emily Carr to support the specific needs of the Research Chairs. The Associate Vice-President Research and the Director of Technical Services review all planned CFI applications to ensure they fit within the strategic goals of the university.

Future CRC deployments will be identified from the themes outlined in this Strategic Research Plan, with a prioritization of appointing a new chair in Indigenous Research. All new deployments will be considered as opportunities for exceeding our CRC-mandated Equity Targets and commitments.