Research Themes

Our Research Themes are informed by our Strategic Commitments and Guiding Principles and are designed to enhance existing research capacity and unlock new research potential across our university. They also demonstrate the ways in which the research ecology of ECU is specific to an art, media, and design context, building on our core strengths and pointing to our long-term goals, while centring the practice-based modes of inquiry that our researchers develop, hone, and share.

These themes will also inform our future CRC allocations.

Indigenous Research
Environmental Sustainability, Ecological Justice, and Climate Action
Social Justice, Health, and Community Wellbeing
Experimental Practice-Based Research
Creative Engagement and Critical Perspectives in Emergent Technologies
Land and Place-Based Research
Critical Pedagogical Methodologies

ECU’s researchers work across these areas, and ECU champions the cross-fertilization of research between faculty, students, staff, and the wider local and global communities, relying on the truly unique capacity of creative and speculative inquiry to lead to transformative research, knowledge, and outcomes.