Indicators of Success

Our Strategic Research Plan will guide our activities and allow us to review our progress, learn from the results, and respond to our priorities by reporting back to the university community, to government, to our funders, to our community and industry stakeholders, and to our partners.

As a publicly funded post-secondary institution, ECU is accountable to the public and the specific communities with whom we work to share our research and mobilize the knowledge created through our work.

Learning from our successes and achievements requires us to be able to set goals and track their progress over time.

We also need to ensure this work is aligned with our commitment to achieving equitable opportunities across research and in service of decolonization and Indigenization efforts across the university, which will require sustained and additional efforts and new ways of working.

In addition to activating the Strategic Objectives discussed above, indicators of Emily Carr’s research impact and evolution will be seen across:

  • Robust participation of equity-denied researchers, students, and staff across research activities
  • Increases in Indigenous-led research projects and funding
  • Government sponsored grants and contracts
  • Student participation in grant-funded research projects
  • Retention of Canada Research Chairs
  • Cross-faculty collaborations
  • Visibility of research activities at Emily Carr on a national and international scale
  • Greater understanding within the broader community of creative and applied research practices and the impacts of art, design, and media practices
  • Collaborations with other institutions and community organizations
  • Community engagement activities
  • Industry contribution and partnerships
  • Visibility of the researchers’ work within their respective fields and/or the broader cultural sphere
  • Impact of participation in research for students and alumni
  • Research dissemination and knowledge mobilization