Faculty Research

Most full-time faculty at Emily Carr, and many sessional faculty members, are pursuing their own creative practices in art and design and in research projects, in addition to careers as educators and leaders. The Research + Industry Office (RIO) supports faculty in their research endeavours. Check out this booklet with detailed information about how RIO supports researchers RIO Booklet final

Faculty can approach RIO for information relating to:

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Applying for grants
  • Grant writing support
  • Post-award management support

All researchers must be aware of Emily Carr's compliance policies regarding Ethics in Research and related procedures Responsible Conduct of Research, Procedures for Research Involving Humans and Conflict of interest

If you are new to research and don't know where to begin, you might start by checking possible collaborations within existing research areas and projects. Please come to one of our Research Conversations meetings to find out about fellow faculty's research projects. (Schedule of meetings to be confirmed).

Are you interested in finding out about research collaborations with external organizations? Industry partnerships can take different formats and the RIO can help you identify and create agreements for specific projects.

Current Funded Research Projects

We acknowledge the support provided by the Research Support Fund in achieving the research success examples listed below.

Below is a list of faculty with projects currently funded by SSHRC

Currently funded by SSHRC Institutional Grants

SIG Explore

Nick Conbere

Investigating Landscape: Thomas Cole’s Relevance to Contemporary Practice

Dr. Randy L. Cutler
Invisible Forces and the Intuitive Turn.

Daniel Drennan El-Awar
Resistance existence: the archive as manifested being.

Dr. Mimi Gelman
The animacy of indigenous archives, objects as being.

Emily Hermant

Weaving Core Memories

Gwenessa Lam
Algorithmic aporias: multiplying the biface

Currently funded by the Ian Gillespie Design and Dynamic Media Research Fund:

Helene Day Fraser
Radical Reorientation: Re-calibrating Design Action towards Non-colonial Modalities

Keith Doyle
New Craft: Post-contemporary Material Practices

Dr. Katherine Gillieson
Occasional Papers. A Stationery Project Publishing Initiative

Dr. Bonne Zabolotney
The Prototyping Research Collective