Oversight + Review


ECU’s RDM Committee that undertook the development of this strategy document was as follows:

  • Hillary Webb, Systems + Technical Services Librarian
  • Suzanne Rackover, University Librarian
  • Sandeep Sidhu, Chief Information Officer
  • Justin Langlois, Interim Associate Vice-President, Research + Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Maliheh Oliver, Privacy HR Advisor, Privacy + HR Programs
  • Lois Klassen, Research Ethics Board Coordinator
  • Leo Vicenti, Assistant Professor
  • Ruth Beer, Professor

    Interested Party Engagement

    ECU’s success in research data management requires collaboration across several units on campus.

    Collaborative discussions about the development of an institutional RDM strategy began in August 2022 with representatives from the Library and Research + Industry Office. In September 2022, the RDM strategy working group was expanded to include representatives from Information Technology Services, Research Ethics, Faculty, and Human Resources (Privacy).

    To help gain an understanding of the current landscape of RDM at ECU, a survey was disseminated through the Research + Industry Office and Research Ethics coordinator in November 2022. The survey asked researchers how data is collected, created, and stored, as well as associated privacy requirements, interest in open data, and current knowledge of RDM practices. In addition, two focus groups were held to provide information and create an opportunity for input.

    The RDM Strategy draft was shared with participants of the focus groups for further consultation.

    Moving forward, the strategy will be posted on the ECU website, with a mechanism for providing feedback. The Library and Research Ethics office co-author a guide on Research Ethics + Conduct, which lists further resources on research ethics, Indigenous research ethics, research conduct, research-creation, creative and arts-based research, and data management.


    The committee met monthly between September 2022 and March 2023 to prepare and finalize the strategy, which was also presented to Academic Affairs and the President’s Executive Committee. The committee will also work with the institutional Data Governance committee to align data strategies and the Digital Transformation Council to align policies which pertain to information technology infrastructure for data.


    The RDM Committee will meet twice annually to review and update this strategy as required. Membership will be renewed as needed.