Institutional Support

Working from the RISE assessment process, we have identified the following opportunities for developing institutional supports for RDM and the associated resources required to fully realize these support structures.

“The RISE framework is a benchmarking tool designed to help an institution, or other research-producing organisation, plan and develop its support for research data management (RDM). It was created primarily to help higher education institutions take stock of their current provision and identify areas of focus for future development. It provides a framework for discussion, enabling relevant interested parties to contribute their experience to all aspects of a holistically envisioned service”. - Digital Research Services, University of Edinburgh

The RISE assessment highlighted ECU's challenges and opportunities connected to RDM. In turn, ECU will prioritize the following to advance and demonstrate our institutional support for RDM:

Raise Awareness
Promote RDM Practices and Training
Provide or Support Access to RDM Tools and Supports
Engage in Further Planning and Policy/Guidelines Development