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Community Enhancement Fund Applications Are Open

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Posted on March 06, 2023 | Updated March 06, 2023, 9:47am

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Community Enhancement Grant
ECU is supporting BIPOC student leadership and community engagement through the Community Enhancement Fund.

ECU is supporting BIPOC student leadership and community engagement through the Community Enhancement Fund. This fund supports creative work and events involving social and institutional change and equity advocacy.

Student Services will offer six grants of $500 (individual) and three grants of $1000 (collaboration of two or more). Applications are open until March 22nd 2023.

Apply Here.

Applicants are encouraged to address issues of inequity through student-led collaboration and advocacy projects. Eligible activities for the Community Enhancement Fund include:

  • Projects you may already be working on that are related to the goals of equity, diversity and engagement.
  • Costs associated with collaborative projects such as student-organized workshops, lectures, screenings, technology costs, equipment rental. Between 15-20% of the grant can be used for administration fees or for student time/labour.
  • Materials for creative works and cultural production.
  • Costs to cultivate BIPOC affinity spaces, dialogues or supports.
  • Professional development and workshops affiliated with anti-racist and social justice work.

Who can apply ?

These funds are reserved for individuals who self identify as BIPOC. For the purpose of these grants, the term BIPOC is intended to encompass a variety of diasporic and racialized identities.

Any current undergraduate or graduate student who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour, is invited to apply.

Individual students are eligible to apply, though collaborations between students are recommended. Student clubs and student-led organizations are also eligible.

Evaluation + Criteria

  1. Feasibility: can the activity or project be completed on a short time line (by August 2023)? A clear description of how the funds will be utilized is highly recommended.
  2. Participation in Community Building Reflections exhibit and event designed to share projects and grow capacity for ECU students, staff and faculty. (Fall 2023.)
  3. Impact: how will this activity seed other efforts and is there a potential for growth beyond the scope of the project? Can this project support the development of student centred anti-racism strategy or Student Services' plan for enhancing student experience?

For more information on this community enhancement opportunity email

Apply Here.