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Fall Term Information for Students

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Academic Affairs
By Trish Kelly

Posted on June 09, 2021 | Updated June 09, 2021, 2:13pm

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Hybrid and online courses to support all students.

Dear ECU Students,

As registration opens, I want to provide you with some more information about the Fall term.

The Deans and the Academic Affairs team have been planning a return to in-person study for the past few months. We’re excited to welcome students back to campus, and to increase your access to studios, shops, and technical services.

That said, we also want to ensure continuity of the learning environment for students who will not be able to return by September. So there will still be a large number of online courses to choose from in all program areas.

If you plan to be in Vancouver and want to engage in more face-to-face instruction, register for “hybrid" courses. Working with whatever health measures are recommended at that time, these courses will have more substantial face-to-face instruction and access than was possible in the past academic year. Students taking hybrid courses will be expected to be on campus.

If you expect to be remote in the Fall, or you prefer distance learning, register for “online” courses. There are enough fully online courses for students to find a pathway through the curriculum if they cannot return to campus.

The Fall term, with a large component of online courses, will function as a bridge while some students await visas or evaluate when they can safely travel to Vancouver. For Spring 2022, we are hoping to return more fully to face-to-face curriculum, while also planning for a variety of curricular options moving forward.

I also want to remind all our international students that you can receive the COVID-19 vaccination for free in BC. More information on how to get vaccinated is available here.

More information will be made available to students as we get closer to the Fall term. For now, if you have questions about registration, please contact Academic Advising (


Trish Kelly
VP Academic + Provost