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Final Reminder: 2023 Tax Forms

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Posted on February 05, 2024 | Updated February 05, 2024, 9:02am

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Tax Forms will be available in myEC Self-Service on February 29, 2024. Is your information complete and up-to-date on Self-Service?

T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate) and T4A forms for 2023 will be available in myEC Self-Service on February 29, 2024.

As a reminder, please submit your Social Insurance Number (SIN) on Self-Service by February 11, 2024 if you have not previously provided this information. Log in to Self-Service and select ‘Social Insurance Number (SIN) Information’ on the Homepage. Your SIN will be stored securely and used for federally approved purposes. For your security, please do not submit your SIN via email.

If you have moved, please verify that the address on Self-Service is correct by February 11, 2024. Click on ‘My Links’ and then click on ‘User Profile’. Add/Edit if required.

T2202 and T4A forms will be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with the information that is on your record at the time of preparation of the forms. As the CRA does not require SIN and address changes to be amended on tax forms after submission, ECU will not be amending and refiling T2202 and T4A forms for SIN and address updates.

Forgot your myEC password or need login assistance? Contact IT Help Desk.

For more information regarding T2202s, T4As, and SIN, please visit our Student Tax Forms page or the Canada Revenue personal income tax site.

International Students, please refer to this Government of Canada page for more information: Taxes for International Students Studying in Canada