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Library Database Spotlight: Grove Art Online (Oxford University Press)

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Posted on July 08, 2024 | Updated July 11, 2024, 8:52am

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A recently added article to Grove Art Online

Grove Art Online – Start your preliminary research here!

Grove Art Online is a great starting point for research and learning about a topic.

Look to Grove Art Online for:

  • Definitive and peer-reviewed reference articles about an art movement (e.g. Arte Madí), a period (e.g. 1000-1100 CE), a medium (e.g. Advertising photography), artists, locations, and more
  • Bibliographies to guide your research and help you dig deeper
  • Thousands of searchable images, also embedded in articles

Subject coverage is broad and diverse:

  • Regions: From Latin America and the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, and Europe to Africa, and North America, of course
  • Period coverage: 10,000 BCE - now
  • Mediums: e.g. Art Materials and Techniques; Ceramics and Pottery; Interior Design and Furniture; Vernacular and Folk Art, and more.
  • Articles are also grouped together thematically by field, e.g. Art of the Middle-East/North Africa; Pre-Columbian Art; Religious Art

Accessing Grove Art Online

  • Articles from Grove Art Online will show up as results in General Search
  • Search and browse Grove Art Online directly from the A-Z link